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Icon Hella Leather Womens Riding Chaps Introduced

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Icon Hella Leather Womens Riding Chapsintroduce to the Fall ’09 Collection. Over the years we’ve redefined the nature of women’s motorcycling gear. The Hella chap continues this lineage with it’s wholly refined fit and function. Its all there-quality leather chassis, intricate trims, and full length YKK zippers. Leather thigh laces allow for a tailored fit while the cut to fit legs allow length perfection no matter what your height. Yep it’s all there except the butt panel – which is why we call them chaps not pants. So get your Icon Hella Leather Chaps and you’ll be dressed to impressed every time you hit the road – pants optional. These exciting new ICON motorcycle pants are available from McCoy Motorsports.

Icon Hella Gixxer Girl Mesh Motorcycle Jacket releases

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Icon Hella Gixxer Girl Mesh Motorcycle Jacketreleases for the Fall ’09 Collection. Some people equate it to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well in this case it isn’t exactly a heart but it’s definitely on your sleeve – Gixxer Girl. A script loyalty to the ultimate sport bike. Put it on, relish the sublime fit and quality materials. Revel in the overt Gixxer badging while resting easy in the knowledge of your hidden CE protection. The Icon Hella Gixxer Girl jacket, when you have to spell it out for them. Get yours from McCoy Motorsports today.

Icon Hella Crossbone Racer Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Introduced for 2009

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Icon Hella Crossbone Racer Women’s Motorcycle Jacket from McCoy Motorsports. Welcome to the Crossbones. When we say Hella, we’re talking about a women’s jacket that rocks both style and substance. A bold bones design throws down intimidation without sociopathic creepiness and keeps the backdrop unfussy – just your choice of a wicked number 13 or a straight up lucky 7 to bring up the rear. Back it all up with a tricolor Icon patch and more zippers than a boot factory.

Icon Hella Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket Released

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Icon Hella Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket. Some things are perfect the first time around. The perfect materials, the perfect fit, the perfect trim details. Such is the case with the Hella leather jacket. Exquisite craftsmanship and top quality leather combined with superb women’s specific patterns make this the finest women’s motorcycle jacket in the market. It’s a bold statement but this is the bold jacket. Introduced and available from the TOBEFAST motorcycle center.

Icon Hella Women’s Textile Motorcycle Jacket Introduced

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Icon Hella Women’s Textile Motorcycle Jacket from McCoy Motorsports.┬áLike the entire Hella product line, the Hella textile jacket features an uncompromising feminine fit. Countless hours of expert tailoring and pattern making have resulted the finest women’s textile jacket on the market. Top quality Broque nylons and internal CE armor combine high-end fashion and true motorcycle specific function. If you like the looks of the Hella leather jacket, but want something lighter in weight, than the Hella textile is your obvious choice.

Icon Women’s Hella Glove UNLEASHED for 2009!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Icon Women’s Hella Glove – True Women’s specific riding gloves are a rare commodity. The Hella glove isn’t merely a resized men’s glove-the Hella was built from ground up for Ladies. The Hella glove chassis features a more slender fit than typical gloves, perfect for women’s hands. The entire glove is built from a supple Battlehide goatskin chassis for great dexterity coupled with asphalt tested durability. As for the styling, that’s what we’d call empowering. Uniquely feminine yet tough. Like an Italian supermodel with a concealed carry permit. Brought to you by McCoy Motorsports.

Icon Hella Leather Pants GO LIVE for 2009

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

McCoy Motorsports is proud to release the Icon Hella Leather Pants – Making a statement. Thats what the Hella Leather pant is all about. Painstaking detail went into this pant – tailored motorcycle specific fit, top quality leather & custom trims – the results speak for themselves. Like the matching Hella Leather jacket, these are the finest women’s leather motorcycle pants in the market. Perfection in leather. Try a pair, you won’t be disappointed.

ICON Women’s Hella Rhinestone Hoody

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

ICON Women’s Hella Rhinestone Hoody is all new for Fall 08 and available at McCoy Motorsports.

Icon Hella Womens Boots

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Icon Hella Women’s Boots are all new and released to the McCoy Motorsports online network.