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Icon Headhunter Casual Motorsports Hat Releases for Fall 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Icon Headhunter Cap goes live for the Fall 09 Icon Collection! Okay, so there aren’t really any mature reasons for this one. Just a crazy little monster man who looks like he’s flown off his bike going 180 mph, laid there for a few days, and then woke up with a pretty bad headache. Then again, a bad day at the office can produce similar results…get this one for all your angry monster days, available now from

New for 2009 The Icon Alliance SSR Headhunter Motorcycle Helmet

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Icon Alliance SSR Headhunter Motorcycle Helmet new for the Fall ’09 Collection. We could have been crass with this graphic, but with our new found maturity, we decided to draw Ms. Headhunter in her very conservative work outfit. We coupled this with a reflective Mayan doomsday wheel and piles of shrunken severed heads. Tasteful – you bet. Refined – none finer. Icon, raising the maturity bar one notch at a time. Get the Icon Alliance SSR Headhunter helmet and you’ll be sure to get the nods of approval you’ve been seeking from all the “grown-ups” in your life….just smile and nod, big guy, smile and nod. These motorcycle helmets can be found from the number one online source McCoy Motorsports.