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Icon Airframe Crossbone Racer Introduced

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Icon Airframe Crossbone Racer. No, it’s not used. Factory muffed, antiqued if you will. So don’t go and try to return it. We just decided to make it look that way. Not “distressed” like the bill on a Frat Boy’s visor, but more like Optimus Prime after he’s done kicking Megatron’s ass. These helmets are Snell and DOT approved plus ready to be purchased from McCoy Motorsports.

Icon Hella Crossbone Racer Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Introduced for 2009

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Icon Hella Crossbone Racer Women’s Motorcycle Jacket from McCoy Motorsports. Welcome to the Crossbones. When we say Hella, we’re talking about a women’s jacket that rocks both style and substance. A bold bones design throws down intimidation without sociopathic creepiness and keeps the backdrop unfussy – just your choice of a wicked number 13 or a straight up lucky 7 to bring up the rear. Back it all up with a tricolor Icon patch and more zippers than a boot factory.