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Icon Speed Cretin Tee is All New for Fall 09 at!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Icon Speed Cretin Tee introduces for the Fall ’09 Collection – Not the type to sit quietly and watch the world go by? More likely, you prefer to be the mover of the world, speeding by so quickly as to make all else appear to be standing still. In-between your bouts of speed-gluttony and daily doses of ADD downers, you might want to slip one of these on for size. Get your slice of the Icon Fall Collection now at McCoy Motorsports with the Icon Speed Cretin Tee.

Icon Alliance SSR Speed Cretin Motorcycle Helmet Releases for 2009

Monday, August 24th, 2009

McCoy Motorsportsreleases ICON’s most unusual motorcycle helmet ever! Introducing the Icon Alliance SSR Speed Cretin Motorcycle Helmet for theĀ Fall ’09 Collection.Sometimes you just twist throttle, dump clutch, and go. No questions, no drama, no repercussions. Thats livin’ Speed Cretin. All fink’d up with nowhere to go. True motorcycling passion. True internal combustion. True piston slappin fury. Be Speed – Live Speed. If you’re feeling really frosty throw on the included FSB fin kit for a little bit of what the French call “a certain, I don’t know what”. Ridiculous? Perhaps – but deep down you know you love it. Available only in green as it further enrages the haters. Order the Icon Alliance Speed Cretin today, and get your green on.