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ProCharger Dodge Ram Truck (5.9 + 5.2) Supercharger Systems for the 96-01 model years.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

ProCharger Dodge Ram Truck (5.9 + 5.2) Supercharger Systems for the 96-01 model years. Procharger Supercharger Truck + SUV systems offers substantial power gains for your vehicle with options for stock and modified engines. McCoy Motorsports offers the complete lineup of ProCharger systems for all your Truck + SUV performance needs! The Most Power and Best Performance Intercooled ProCharger systems deliver the ultimate performance and power increase for towing, daily driving and sport truck applications. Compared to all bolt-on aftermarket superchargers, ATI’s superior technology delivers more low-end torque and substantially more total power than any other supercharger system. In the lower rpm towing range, Intercooled ProCharger systems will deliver more rear-wheel torque because the intercooled charge air is extremely dense (virtually at ambient temperature), the engine is running full timing, and the P-1SC consumes far less power than positive displacement superchargers. At mid-range and higher rpm, in addition to making more power per pound of boost (due to the same combination of greater air density, full timing and less parasitic load), an Intercooled ProCharger system is also able to safely produce more total boost, thanks to the coolest charge air and exhaust gas temperatures in the industry. The net effect is a substantially larger increase in air density, which in turn produces a substantially larger increase in power. History and physics show that applications without intercooling must run unsafe boost levels or octane-boosted fuel to perform even close to an Intercooled ProCharger system.