ProCharger GM Truck + SUV 5.3 + 6.0 + 4.8 Supercharger Systems for the 1999-03 model years

ProCharger GM Truck + SUV 5.3 + 6.0 + 4.8 Supercharger Systems for the 1999-03 model years. Procharger Supercharger Truck + SUV systems offers substantial power gains for your vehicle with options for stock and modified engines. McCoy Motorsports offers the complete lineup of ProCharger systems for all your Truck + SUV performance needs! The Best Engine Reliability and Drivability ATI introduced the industry’s first intercooled supercharger system nearly 3 years before its nearest competitor, and is the only company that offers air-to-air intercooled supercharger systems for trucks and SUV’s. Other companies’ non-intercooled and air-to water supercharger systems are typically tuned at the edge of detonation, which leaves you little margin for error. However, because air-to air intercooling removes the heat which causes detonation, you can safely run far more engine-friendly intercooled boost with full timing and complete peace of mind. With air-to-air intercooling, there is no need for “band aids” such as ignition retard, over-rich or auxiliary fuel injectors, or water injection. There is also no need to buy exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauges because intercooling means that exhaust and overall engine temperatures remain stable even during extreme towing, racing and/or summer heat conditions. The intercooler system, which is standard equipment, simply rejects far more heat than it will receive from the highly efficient P-1SC ProCharger. Intercooling is clearly the fundamental solution for reliable high performance, because it substantially improves both engine reliability and power output. That is why intercooled forced induction is the high performance technology of choice for millions of factory OEM vehicles worldwide.

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