Icon Airframe Claymore Chrome Motorcycle Helmet Introduced for FALL 2009!

Icon Airframe Claymore Chrome Motorcycle Helmets are brand new for the Fall ’09 Collection – The electroplating process leaves behind an energy that never truly dissipates. An energy best described as a soulless mercurial void. Both engaging and rebuking the envious stares of caged drivers, the Claymore Chrome glides through the jagged chasms of modern urbania. It passes no judgement, resigned to merely observe and note. It is the mirrored enabler – acknowledge and move on. Carve through the corners and jagged edges of your day with the sleek new Claymore Chrome helmet – as an added bonus, the Claymore will also keep your precious brains in place if you happen to carve those corners a little too sharp. Brought to you from the ICON resource McCoy Motorsports.

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