Tri-Moto Industries Venom SS Trike GM Supercharged!

Tri-Moto Industries Venom SS Trike. Tri Moto Industries went out on a limb with the creation of the Venom SS. The Intent of this vehicle is to appeal to a broader market outside of the extreme motorcycle enthusiast. The venom SS offers an economical sports car without sacrificing gas mileage. Even thought the Venom SS hosts a GM Supercharged SS motor, this exotic machine is still registered as a motorcycle Trike in the USA. The GM motor provides for easy maintenance, smooth shifting, ultimate performance, excellent gas mileage, and more horsepower to the rear wheel than any other VENOM models. This is the future of Trike Motorcycles and its brought to you by, Team McCoy MotorSports. Dealers and customers welcome.

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