Vortex Racing 530 Rear Sprockets for the Campagna T-REX Vehicle

Vortex Racing 530 Rear Sprockets for the Campagna T-REX Vehicle

Vortex Racing 530 Rear Sprockets for the Campagna T-REX Vehicle

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Part NumberV44 488-50 Bk
Vortex Racing Campagna T-REX Rear Sprockets in 530 chain pitch (stock chain pitch) for All T-REX Vehicles. A Vortex sprocket is a lightweight high-performance alternative to the steel stock sprocket. Use Vortex sprockets to considerably reduce mass and to change your gearing. Available in CAT5 Anodized Colors (with silver "sweeps") or Bare Aluminum, mud grooves and teeth.

Stock Sizing Comparison Chart:

  • Campagna T-REX ZX14 powered 15 Front/ 50 Rear
  • Campagna T-REX ZZR12 powered 15 Front/ 50 Rear
  • Campagna T-REX ZX11 powered 15 Front/ 50 Rear

Made with highest quality aluminum

  • 7075 T6 aluminum is the best grade material for light weight and durability
  • The weight you save on drive components is multiplied as rotating mass
  • Less rotating weight improves acceleration

CNC Machined to tightest tolerances

  • Our unique manufacturing process creates a perfectly concentric sprocket every time
  • This frees horsepower and extends the life of both chain and sprocket
  • Perfected tooth design has less drag and reduces friction for better acceleration and deceleration

Attractive, Smart Design

  • Vortex patented design offers a unique look
  • Standard sprockets have a bright, polished look; clear anodizing helps prevent corrosion
  • Mud grooves and coatings help keep components clean
  • All sprockets available in single tooth increments

NOTE:CAT5 sprockets are custom made and not eligible for return. If you are uncertain whether this is the correct sprocket for your application, please contact us, and a sales associate will double check your order selection to make sure you've selected the correct item. Thank you for your business.

Changing Gearing

  • Adjusting the tooth count in front and rear sprocket changes the way the bike performs.
  • A size increase in the rear sprocket and/or a decrease in the front sprocket will favor torque for increased acceleration.
  • A size decrease in the rear sprocket and/or an increase in the front sprocket will favor top end speed.

Gearing is a key variable in racing. Each rider, bike, and track will demand a different set-up. Though we cannot tell you which will work best for you, the most popular combination for a T-REX would be a +2 Front / -2 Rear giving a gearing combination of 17/48. Another polular gearing combination is a 17 Front and a 50 Rear. The choice is yours with the Vortex CAT 5 sprocket for the Campagna T-REX.

Weight Reduction Changing the sprocket to the Vortex aluminum rear sprocket and lightened front sprocket will eliminate considerable mass. This can be further reduced by converting chain and sprockets to a 520 size.

  • In a side-by-side comparison of a typical front and rear sprocket, we found these results:
  • Front Sprocket Weight Savings: .11lb
  • Rear Sprocket Weight Savings: .525lb
  • Total Sprocket Weight Savings: .635lb

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