Stingerz Trike LED Light Kit Level 2

Stingerz Trike LED Light Kit Level 2

Stingerz Trike LED Light Kit Level 2

Our Price: $369.95

Part NumberStingerzTrikeL2 Red
Stingerz Trike LED Light Kit Level 2. Stingerz are completely flexible, waterproof, and extremely versatile. Stingerz are the first flexible LED accent light to come pre-taped on all three sides, this allows the light to be mounted not only on the back surface but on either side surface providing an extremely flexible, versatile LED lighting solution. Stingerz will work on any 10-14VDC system.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Stingerz 12 LED (48 LEDs) (upper and lower side vents)
  • 2 Stingerz 24 (48 LEDS) (under trunk)
  • 2 Stingerz 9 LED (18 LEDs) (beneath headlight)
  • 2 Stingerz 12 LED (24 LEDs) (windshield)
  • 2 Stingerz 3 LED (6 LEDs) (side cover openings)
  • 1 - Stingerz 99 LEDs (99 LEDs) (under rear fender for ground effects)
  • 2 - Stingerz 99 LEDs (198 LEDs) (under lip in wheel wells)
  • Complete LeverLockz Installation Kit
  • 441 LEDs in Total (2 amp current draw)


  • Professional grade LED accent lights
  • Super flexible super bright customizable LED accent lights
  • Now with new reactor LED technology-brighter LEDs, Lifetime Warranty
  • Plug and Go, no soldering, no jumpers and 100% sealed and waterproof
  • Has 3M double sided tape factory applied on all 3 sides, simply peel and stick

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