Racer Program

Racer Discount Program

By putting your bodies and machines on the line, racers bring the excitement of motorsports to the masses, inspiring people everywhere to ride bigger, better, and faster. Being in the business of providing everyone (from weekend warrior to seasoned professional) - with the parts and services necessary to turn those inspirations into reality, we understand that your success is our success. That's why, in a sport of such prohibitive expenses, we offer a Racer Discount Program that will help keep you and your bike out on the track.

Read on for details about the program and how you can enroll!

How much of a discount will I receive for joining?

Discounts begin at 10% off sale price and increase according to point position with regards to the number of purchases made with McCoy Motorsports, as well as additional deals available for Racer Discount promotion.

What requirements are there to join the program?

Racers interested in joining the McCoy Motorsports Racer Discount Program may email us at Sales@tobefast.com, or call 606-432-1556, where they will be instructed by a McCoy representative on how to send us proof of Racing License*, pictures from the race track, and proof of participation in races. Upon reception of these materials, racers will be immediately eligible to receive discounts!

Before contacting us, please have these materials ready:
    1) Proof of License
    2) Pictures from the racetrack of bike and rider
    3) Proof of participation and position in race

Materials should be mailed to:

    McCoy Motorsports
    Attn: Racer Discount Program
    559 North Mayo Trail
    Pikeville, KY 41501

*Proof of racing license must be sent to us and renewed each year in order to stay active in the program.

Once enrolled, how do I receive my discounts?

Your McCoy Motorsports representative will explain to you how to be sure your discount is reflected on all online purchases. In addition, you are always welcome to make purchases over the phone during normal business hours.

How can I receive extra discounts?

Racers may receive extended discounts in a number of ways. Send us proof of McCoy Motorsports stickers on your bike, list McCoy Motorsports as a sponsor at your events, and/or wear McCoy Motorsports gear and apparel during your events to receive even better deals on your McCoy Motorsports purchases! Please ask a McCoy Motorsports representative for more details!

Where do I get stickers and t-shirts in order to receive these extra discounts?

Stickers and t-shirts are available free to racers for their own personal use. Just ask your McCoy Motorsports representative when signing up for the program. Limit 3 each per racing season.

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