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2015-2016 Yamaha R1
2009-2014 Yahama R1 2007-2008 Yamaha R1 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 2002-2003 Yamaha R1
2015-2016 R1 Exhaust Systems
2015-2016 R1 Brake Lines
2015-2016 R1 Tail Lights
2015-2016 R1 Windscreens
2015-2016 R1 Fender Eliminator
2015-2016 R1 Wheels
2015-2016 R1 Frame Sliders
2015-2016 R1 DynoJet PC
2015-2016 R1 Chain/Sprocket
2015-2016 R1 SpeedoHealer
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2009-2014 R1 Exhaust Systems
2009-2014 R1 Brake Lines
2009-2014 R1 Tail Lights
2009-2014 R1 Windscreens
2009-2014 R1 Fender Eliminator
2009-2014 R1 Wheels
2009-2014 R1 Frame Sliders
2009-2014 R1 DynoJet PC
2009-2014 R1 Chain/Sprocket
2009-2014 R1 SpeedoHealer
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2007-2008 R1 Exhaust Systems
2007-2008 R1 Brake Lines
2007-2008 R1 Tail Lights
2007-2008 R1 Windscreens
2007-2008 R1 Fender Eliminator
2007-2008 R1 Wheels
2007-2008 R1 Frame Sliders
2007-2008 R1 DynoJet PC
2007-2008 R1 Chain/Sprocket
2007-2008 R1 SpeedoHealer
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2004-2006 R1 Exhaust Systems
2004-2006 R1 Brake Lines
2004-2006 R1 Tail Lights
2004-2006 R1 Windscreens
2004-2006 R1 Fender Eliminator
2004-2006 R1 Wheels
2004-2006 R1 Frame Sliders
2004-2006 R1 DynoJet PC
2004-2006 R1 Chain/Sprocket
2004-2006 R1 SpeedoHealer
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2002-2003 R1 Exhaust Systems
2002-2003 R1 Brake Lines
2002-2003 R1 Tail Lights
2002-2003 R1 Windscreens
2002-2003 R1 Fender Eliminator
2002-2003 R1 Wheels
2002-2003 R1 Frame Sliders
2002-2003 R1 DynoJet PC
2002-2003 R1 Chain/Sprocket
2002-2003 R1 SpeedoHealer
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1998-2001 Yamaha R1
Born in 1998, the YZF-R1 was created after redesigning the Genesis engine to create a more compact engine, raising the gearbox input shaft and allowing the gearbox output shaft to be placed beneath it. This 'stacked gearbox' was a turning point, and has set a precedent for others to follow.

2004-2006 YZF-R1/LE
With the competition advancing, Yamaha made some major changes for the 2004 YZF-R1. This included style updates, like an under seat twin exhaust, and performance upgrades including radial brakes, and, for the first time, an R1 Ram-Air intake

2007-2008 R1
2007 was also a banner year for the Yamaha, with the new R1 taking on major performance upgrades. It contained an all-new inline four-cylinder engine, Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T) fly-by-wire throttle system, Yamaha Chip Control Intake (YCC-I) electronic variable-length intake funnel system, slipper-type clutch, six-piston radial-mount front calipers, along with 310 mm discs. Power was increased to 152.9 horsepower at 10k RPM

2009-2014 R1
The 2009 R1 was the first production sportbike to use a crossplane crankshaft and big-bang firing order, which Yamaha claims to keep the low-end torque of a twin, and the pace of an inline four. The front has the same classic R1 shape, though the air intake location and headlamp design have been revamped on the 2009 model; using only projector lamps, and using the new-found design space within the nose cone to reroute ram air tubes next to the lights.

2015 Yamaha YZF R1/R1M
The next iteration of the R1 is here. A new crossplane engine, short wheelbase chassis and high-tech electronics, it's ready to take racing to a new high.
Developed  using YZR-M1 MotoGP technology, the R1 was built for the track. With fighter jet inspired styling, it's whats underneath that makes the new R1 superbike so special.
Its main computational system is a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that constantly senses chassis motion in 3D, creating total control over slides, traction, wheel lift, braking and acceleration.
The R1M race bike is a modified version of the new R1, with even stronger factory specs, including Ohlins Electronic Suspension, 200 horsepower, and a Communication Control Unit, giving realtime GPS and lap times, accessable via an Android tablet.

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