Mr.Turbo Mr Turbo, like many businesses, started out as a hobby. Ted Hoffmeister was a very eager enthusiast, from the Chicago area, who in the late 70’s teamed up with industry and drag racing pioneer, Ken Tipton of MTC Engineering. Turbo charging motorcycles was still in its infancy back then, and with the right influence from Tipton, Hoffmeister proceeded to bring turbo street and drag bikes to the fore front of the high performance motorcycle scene.

Mr. Turbo systems are made of the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques. Our exhaust systems, for instance, are bent on CNC tube bending machines. Mr Turbo Systems are then TIG welded, before being coated with the finest high temperature ceramic coating.

A great deal of Mr Turbo Systems parts are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and 407 stainless steel. All Motorcycle Turbo Systems hoses and fittings are tested for their abilities to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of a racing environment. All Sportbike Turbo systems Stainless hardware (bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc.) can be found throughout our Sportbike Turbo Kits as well as stainless reinforced exhaust gaskets, hoses and hose clamps. Every effort is made to assure long term reliability, here at Mr Turbo Sportbike Turbo Kits, brought to you by

At Mr Turbo Kits we do the work for you. Each motorcycle turbo system is complete, meaning very little, if any, fabrication is required. Turbo Hoses for oil lines, fuel lines and silicon intake system hoses are all finished for easy installation. Mr Turbo believes in no wrestling with hose end fittings and miss cut hoses. Mr Turbo Sportbike Turbo Systems are designed for the average mechanically inclined rider to install at home, with a few basic tools that you probably already have. Of course, any qualified performance shop or dealership is qualified to do the work... and their expertise will certainly add value to the installation.

New from Mr Turbo is the award winning product line of Turbosmart Performance Products. These unique and beautifully machined hot rod parts can be an excellent add on or upgrade to your current project or possibly one you're planning now. From Mr Turbo beautifully crafted race proven wastegates to SEMA award winning boost controllers, this product line is some of the finest control products available for any turbo application. If your in need of quality components made of the best materials and hand crafted workmanship, take a look at these special parts by Mr Turbo.

Mr Turbo Customers Questions and Answers?

Here at Mr Turbo one of the most commonly asked questions among racers is: "Why turbocharging?" People question why a good normally aspirated motor with a header, cams, big carbs, a little port work, and even a shot of nitrous if needed, will not keep up with a stock engined turbo bike. Actually, it will to a point, but at what cost?

"Besides, its cheaper to build a stout normally aspirated motor... right?"

We get a number of calls like this directed to our technical staff here at Mr Turbo.

When it comes time to get the most horsepower, when you want the most reliable combination, and when you want to have the most drivability... turbo charging wins hands down every time and Mr Turbo and Team McCoy MotorSports has you covered.

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