Mr.Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo Kit Stage 1

Mr.Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo Kit Stage 1

Mr.Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo Kit Stage 1

Our Price: $4,995.00

RRP: $5,695.00 save 12%
Part Number100-24-1500 Stage1
Turn your T-REX into a fire-breathing monster with a Mr Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo system. With the heart of the T-REX turbo system based around the Garrett T-3/T-4 hybrid turbo, this Campagna T-REX turbo system comes complete with all billet aluminum and stainless components through out the system to make for the cleanest and most well designed system that Mr. Turbo Systems are famous for. Call McCoy Motorsports today for your Mr. Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo system for power you won?t believe!


There was plenty of hype surrounding the debut of the Campagna T-REX in January of ?07. We've seen the promise of potential big performance numbers from these new model machines over the years and rarely do they live up to this hype. But the T-REX has turned out to be quite impressive, especially in the hands of the after market. In stock form the Campagna T-REX posted pretty good numbers on the dyno, but with a good pipe, a power commander, and some re-mapping, those numbers jumped up to rear wheel horse power never seen on a stock T-REX. Many key pipe manufactures and high performance shops around the country claimed anything from 170hp to as much as 195. But in the words of Mr. Turbo boss Terry Kizer, I don?t care what it makes stock, as far as I?m concerned it?s broke. We fix it with boost! And fix it they did. With the first Campagna T-REX Turbo system on the dyno, unbelievable numbers came up on the first runs. At first Mr. Turbo employees suspected false numbers from a possibly faulty boost gauge. The power numbers at these low boost levels were quite surprising. Wiith our Campagna T-REX Turbo Kit at 3lbs of boost, 230hp, at 5lbs of boost 270hp and 151lbs of torque! Insane! It?s no fluke though, for the same reason the T-REX makes great power in normally aspirated form, it makes killer power at very low boost levels because it has very high static compression, over 12.5 to 1. This ordinarily is very high for a turbo engine, but for low boost and pump gas it works quite well, the power with the Mr. Turbo Campagna T-REX turbo kit is simply amazing.

There are turbo systems available for T-Rex's equipped with ZZR 1100, 1200, and the new ZX-14 engine. Stage I systems deliver up to 250 horsepower to the rear wheel, and more available.

NOTE: You MUST ship your Fuel Pump, and Fuel Rail to MR. Turbo for modification on Turbo Kits for ZX-14 motors

100 24-5210 ... T-Rex 07-11 - (Stage I) ............................ $4,995.00
200-270 hp

T-3/T-4 Garrett Turbo, ceramic coated exhaust system, adjustable external wastegate, high volume fuel pump, rising rate fuel regulator, silicon intake hoses, oil scavenge pump, finished fuel and oil line assemblies, all stainless fasteners and hardware, liquid-filled boost gauge, stage 1 mapping System is complete, including detailed instructions with color photo.

Mr Turbo Kit Requirements

Stage 1 system can be installed on stock engine, ran on 93 octane pump fuel, but limited to 7 lbs. of boost. Octane booster is highly recommended. Race fuel for drag racing and Top Speed racing required. Dynojet PCIII USB Power Commander required

ZX-14 Model (2007-2011) - Stage 2 $5,695.00
Stage 1 components, plus: upgraded T-3/T-4 Garrett turbo, Tial wastegate and dump pipe, adjustable rising rate fuel press regulator, high volume scavenge pump, Stage 2 mapping

ZX-14 Model (2007-2011) - Stage 3 $7,995.00
Stage 1 & 2 components, plus: stage 3 500+ hp turbo, upgraded Tial wastegate and dump pipe, Tell-Tale (for boost gauge), billet velocity stacks, secondary fuel rail and injectors, secondary ecu, and multi-stage Boost Controller

Since these first dyno runs of the Campagna T-REX turbo system, Mr. Turbo has spent considerable time developing a truckload of parts and accessories for the T-REX engine and chassis. With the correct application of engine and chassis components the T-REX can be molded to whatever performance level you can dream up. Keep an eye on for these special parts and components as they become available or call McCoy Motorsports today for your Mr. Turbo Campagna T-Rex Turbo System.


(Optional, but highly recommended)
Intercooler Installation

Full System Installation

(In house ONLY; not including intercooler installation)
Add $500 for Intercooler

Fuel Recommendations:

- 0-8psi: 92-octane pump gasoline, octane booster recommended.
Race gas and octane booster are not required when driving the bike at normal speeds and when not applying boost. As you will learn, a turbo is only in boost when you twist your throttle telling it to do so. A turbo is not an uncontrollable device, and using common sense and throttle control will regulate how much and when boost is used
Octane boosters can be deceptive. Be sure that the booster that you choose to use is acceptable for turbo or supercharged applications as many are not. In the past, we have used 104 Octane Booster. There are two versions of this product available; a red bottle that is intended for light duty street engines, and black bottle that is usable for turbocharged applications

Top End

Billet Adjustable Cam Chain Tensioner - 4, 6
Heavy Duty Cylinder Studs and Nuts - 3, 6
Cometic Heavy Duty Head Gasket - 4, 6
Power Ring Head Gasket - 7
MTC Pistons (Turbo) - 4, 6
Heavy Duty Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers - 4, 6
Adjustable Cam Sprockets -7

Lower End

Billet Clutch Basket - 3, 6
MTC Multi-Stage Loc-up - 6
Two-Stage Loc-up - 1, 3
Carrillo Rods - 3, 6
Falicon Rods - 3, 5
Ceramic Transmission Bearings - 7
Under Cut Tranny - 5
Heavy Duty Case Studs and Nuts - 7

Fuel System

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - 4, 6
Power Commander - 2, 4, 6
Secondary Fuel System and ECU -6

Oil System

High Volume Oil Pump - 3, 6
Low Profile Billet Oil Pan - 7

Boost & Wastegate

Multi-Stage Boost Controller - 5
Tell-Tale - 7
Tial Wastegate - 6


Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo -7

Chassis & Accessories

Air Shifter -3.5


Stainless Braided Brake Lines -7


Banana Pipe - 7
Various After-Market Mufflers - 7


BTC 4-Coil Ignition Kill Box - 3, 5

Number Legend

1. Recommended for Stage 1
2. Required for Stage 1
3. Recommended for Stage 2
4. Required for Stage 2
5. Recommended for Stage 3
6. Required for Stage 3
7) Optional


Mr. Turbo systems are made of the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques. Our exhaust systems, for instance, are bent on CNC tube bending machines. Then TIG welded, before being coated with the finest high temperature ceramic coating
A great deal of our parts are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and 407 stainless steel. All hoses and fittings are tested for their abilities to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of a racing environment. Stainless hardware (bolts, nuts, fasteners, etc.) can be found throughout our systems as well as stainless reinforced exhaust gaskets, hoses and hose clamps. Every effort is made to assure long term reliability.
We do the work for you. Each system is complete, meaning very little, if any, fabrication is required. Hoses for oil lines, fuel lines and silicon intake system hoses are all finished for easy installation. No wrestling with hose end fittings and miss cut hoses. Our systems are designed for the average mechanically inclined rider to install at home, with a few basic tools that you probably already have. Of course, any qualified performance shop or dealership is qualified to do the work... and their expertise will certainly add value to the installation.

Cost Comparison

Let?s take a Suzuki Hayabusa and do a cost comparison between turbocharging and a big bore set up. You will be very surprised
Example Our target, for a strong street bike or a decent strip runner, is 200 rear wheel horsepower... if you do the math... you will save $1909.05 (or more) by going the turbo route... and you will have a much more reliable bike, and the "cool factor" when people see a turbo street bike pull into the lot will make it even better
Our target comparison does not include things such as aftermarket connecting rods, ignition components and fancy coatings... which you could end up doing to make the normally aspirated engine live longer

Performance Comparison

Turbocharged ................................................................ Carbureted ...................... 239.1 hp @ 9,700 RPM ............................................... 199.5 hp @ 10,200 RPM .............. Max Torque = 145.2 @ 9,700 RPM ............................. Max Torque = 111.4 @ 10,200 RPM

The numbers do not lie... 40 horsepower extra at only 8 lbs. of boost. Every additional pound of boost adds another 10 hp, so there is more power available. Because our system comes with an adjustable wastegate, you can turn it up to any desired level. It's something that you can ride to the beach during the day, tear up the local streets at night, all with a good quality pump gas. Then when you?re ready to turn up the boost, pour in the racing fuel and head to the track. See pictures for Dyno results.

Contact us for Mr Turbo Campagna T-REX Turbo Kits Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits as well. Call (606) 432-1556 or E-mail

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