Michelin Pilot Power 2CT 190/55ZR-17 Rear Tire

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT 190/55ZR-17 Rear Tire

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT 190/55ZR-17 Rear Tire

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Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Rear Tire size 190/55ZR-17.

Still not convinced that Pilot Power is for you? Well, now there's a dual-compound version, a direct descendant of our MotoGP technology. With a softer rubber mix on the shoulders, the new Pilot Power 2CT will satisfy even the most demanding sport riders. Want to carve corners at extreme lean angles? Do you feel like you've found the limit with your current tires? Does your new literbike have more power than your tires can use? If so, then it's time to switch to the new Pilot Power 2CT.

2-Compound Technology divides the tread into different sections, each occupied by a different rubber compound intended to perform a specific function.

On Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires, the center of the tread is capable of withstanding high speeds, sudden acceleration and braking, and other demanding riding conditions. The outer edges of the tread come into use at maximum lean angles. Their rubber compound is 20% softer than the center tread, to provide optimal grip at lower speeds and thus delivering outstanding traction when cornering.

FEATURES for the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  • Dual-compound MotoGp racing technology for the road
  • 51.2% lean angle in the dry and 43% in the wet: a new benchmark for a hypersport tire**
  • The responsive handling of a race tire Progressive feel and feedback at full lean 20% softer compound on the tread shoulders up Front and 22% on the rear.
  • Source: Michelin Research and Development Center

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