Metzeler Metzeler is a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance.

Metzeler Sportbike Tires was founded in Munich more than a century ago. Since then Metseler motorcycle tires focus has always been on the highest quality standards and accuracy in manufacturing. At Metzeler Tires most of the people are enthusiastic motorcycle riders themselves. This means that they know the real needs, the expectations and the request of the riders.

Vision and Mission

At Metzeler Custom Sportbike Tires our mission is to constantly develop state-of -art technological products aimed to answer riders' needs and expectations. Our riders are competent, choose only the best performing sport bike tires for their motorcycles and can not renounce to safety and reliability.

The awareness of these needs encourages us to be focused on them and their desires. Metzeler Tires has been producing tires for two-wheel vehicles since 1892, and its history goes hand in hand with the history of motorcycles.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tires from the introduction of new materials to the development of innovative tread designs and compounds, the German manufacturer has always been on the leading edge for technical innovation and superior quality and performance of its motorcycle tires. McCoy MotorSports Brings you Metzeler Custom Sportbike Tires.

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