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Metric TV In the summer of 2005, the producers of Metric Revolution conducted a nation-wide search for the best of the best custom motorcycle builders in the United States. After narrowing the field from literally thousands of entries, twenty two contestants were selected to compete in three categories: Cruisers, Sport bikes and the Rookies. Eighteen professional builders were chosen to set the bar very high for the competition. Four Rookies, who are not professional builders, were also selected due to their deep passion for motorcycles.

Beginning last October, each contestant was given a brand new stock metric motorcycles; i.e. Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki to convert to their most outrageous custom design in only 180 days. Why metric bikes? Although they make up almost 80% of the motorcycles on the road today, the American society is slowly beginning to embrace the foreign manufactures on a revolutionary scale. The winner in each category will receive a cash prize. So, while this show is about a competition and about motorcycles, really about people: distinctive individuals from different cultures, from different backgrounds, and from different regions. All of them embracing one thing: They are American revolutionaries.

Some will succeed.
Some will fail.

Everyone will discover what faith is all about as we watch them battle, pushing the very limits of creativity - of style and engineering, developing new technologies and redefining what mastering their craft means to them. All of them have the same obsession to build the baddest bike in the world. Our cameras follow along as these revolutionaries fight to realize their dreams. Show segments included hosts John Vaughn Chaldy; Owner of Baron Custom Accessories, Kyle Woods; Professional Stunt Rider and Nancy G; Industry Spokewoman and Model. The series aired on ESPN 2 and aired for 12 consecutive weeks. The Metric Revolution has arrived; hold on for the ride of your life!!! TOBEFAST Mccoy Motorsports was the official winner of the sportbike class winning 25,000 cash with their one off custom Twin Turbo Phoenix Suzuki Hayabusa. McCoy Motorsports is now considered as one of the top custom sportbike builders and suppliers of custom sportbike accessories in the world.

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