MPS Motorcycle Performance Specialties or MPS as it has become known was formed in 1980 as a partnership to manufacture the first electric over air shifter. It was a part time company at that time with the president, Dan Rudd, being employed full time in a motorcycle dealership. Differences with the partners in 1981 allowed Dan to buy out his partner. MPS continued as a part time venture making the MPS mixture control unit for fuel injected Kawasaki and a boost kit for the 750 Turbo. In 1986 Rudd decided to devote full time to MPS, designing the first Auto Shift Control using a Kawasaki 750 Turbo as the test bed. Campaigning the bike in Competition Eliminator, he earned the #1 plate in IDBA competition that year. The business was growing very quickly so the decision was made to put his own racing endeavors on the back burner and concentrate on business concerns. During those non racing years he worked with many racers, both sportsman and professional, to develop many new products and industry firsts. These products include the MPS Air Clutch, MPS Electronic Engine Kill, MPS Adjustable Switched Clutch Lever, MPS Line Lock, MPS Tether Kill Switch, MPS Pro Pushbuttons, and the MPS Hydraulic Clutch Release. In 1993, with business interests secure Rudd came back to race again in the ET Bracket class, the class he considers one of the hardest to win. He finished #2 in AMA/Prostar's Pro ET class in 1993.

MPS's philosophy is when you win we win. MPS and McCoy Motorsports pride ourselves in having the product knowledge and the willingness to share it with our customers. MPS is uniquely qualified to help sportsman racers win races. Our extensive knowledge of what it takes to win in the Heads Up & ET classes puts us in a position to help you win. We feel we are more qualified to offer advice on this subject than companies that cater to Pro racers. They are experts at going fast. All their expertise is geared to the premise that quick and fast wins races. This is correct in Pro classes, but a totally wrong assumption for sportsmen. What wins sportsman races are consistently good reaction times, consistent ET's, and reliability. We sell products that help you with reaction times and consistency. Not only do we sell these products, we know how to use them and how to install them correctly. We race sportsman categories ourselves, so we know what we are talking about. Our feeling is the competition is much more even in the sportsman categories. Look at how many races are won by .01 second in sportsman racing versus Pro classes. With such a level playing field any edge over the competition should be welcomed. Here at TOBEFAST we can provide you with that edge.

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