MCX-USA MCX-USA and MC Xpress of Sweden are working together to bring high quality UTV and ATV turbo products to the UTV/ATV United States market. With the initial introduction of the Rhino 660 turbo, followed by the Rhino 700 turbo, the high performance and high reliability turbo kits of MC Xpress were introduced. This was quickly followed by the introduction of the 80 rear wheel horsepower Polaris RZR turbo.

Decreases intake charge temperatures which allows higher boost pressure. Designed for high octane pump gas MCX-USA turbo kits are designed to operate using pump gas eliminating the added expense of race gas.

Lowered Compression Ratio Allows higher boost pressures without detonation. Secondary fuel injector Provides additional fueling by plug and play pre-programmed controller, no overriding of the stock fuel system. Thousands of miles of testing This is our hobby as well as yours, we test our products daily so you can be assured of quality. These are just the first of many UTV/ATV turbo kits to be introduced to the US market from the manufacturer with 17 years of experience in providing reliable turbocharging and many performance records.

Team McCoy MotorSports an MCX-USA Official dealer & Installer now and unleash the power of your UTV/ATV.

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