LawstCaws Lawst Caws Frame Plugs
Lawst Caws sportbike frame plug kits are precisely manufactured using an advanced 2 stage injection molding process which utilized both a hard plastic compound on the top of each plug and a durable, high quality rubber based material on the sides. This Sportbike frame plug set installs in seconds and the difference is immediately noticeable.

Lawst Caws frame plugs are a great way to dress up the look of your bikes frame while at the same time protecting bolts from dirt, sand, road grime, and all of natures elements. The Lawst Caws frame plugs are durable and are designed to fit snug so that they won't go flying of your bike while riding.
Lawst Caws Head-Lites
Lawst Caws Head Lites: Innovative lighting system is a compact LED lighting system for your motorcycle helmet. Besides looking bad ass, Head lites are fully functional, street legal, and great for those times when you some extra light, weather your looking in a tank bag or punching your garage door keypad. The Lawst Caws streamline, patent pending design easily install underneath your full face, flip up or 1/2 helmets' liner and does not affect the fit nor safety of your valuable helmet

Lawst Caws Head-Lites 2 super bright led's can easily be turned on and off with just the push of a button. Also very easy to use with gloves. An easy change to slim line batter powers this unique concept. Installation is easy, 5-10 minutes and you are ready to go. With thousands of sets sold since the release of Head-Lites, we have not heard a single rider who is unhappy with their purchase.

Available in the following colors :
  • RED
  • BLUE
    Lawst Caws Axle Kit
    A great compliment to the sportbike frame plug sets. Lawst Caws Axle Covers are designed to cover the open holes on your front and rear axles. Besides making your bike obviously look cleaner, our cover also keep dirt, sand, road grime from entering your bikes open axle holes. Lawst Cause uses a sophisticated 2-stage injection molding process to create a cover which is both attractive and durable. Lawst Caws Axle Covers: Installation of this 4 piece count set is very simple and only takes a couple minutes.

    Please note : A couple small dabs of super glue is required for a complete and secure installation.
    Lawst Caws Spike Kit
    Lawst Caws windshield and fairing bolt spikes are designed to add some extra style to the front of your sportbike. Lawst cause new transparent spike design is sure to add that extra touch which will separate your bike from all of the others. These injection molded lawst caws spikes will fit all metric windshield and fairing bolts. (unless they are pop-rivet)

    Available in the following colors :
    • Solid black
    • Clear
    • Smoke
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
    • Pink
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