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McCoy Motorsports offers dealer oppurtunities for the products that we specialize in. Exciting products like Custom LED Tail Lights, Graves Motorsports Performance Products, our own lineup of " The Real McCoy" parts and MANY MORE are all available. These exciting products are available to sale to dealers that are signed up members of our network.Thank you for your business.


Could your company benefit from association with the McCoy Motorsports name and quality products? Would you like to put your business at the forefront of innovation and excitement within the motorsports industry? Would you like to be able to offer your customers the exemplary level of products and services you have come to expect from McCoy Motorsports?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then becoming a McCoy Motorsports Dealer is for you! Read on to find out more about our Dealer Sales program and how to sign up to become a part of our extensive dealer network!

What does it mean to be a McCoy Motorsports Dealer?

McCoy Motorsports is a family owned business. When you sign up to make your company a part of our dealer network, you become more than just a business partner - you become a part of the McCoy extended family. When selling our products, your success is our success, making it our mission to offer every business advantage possible to all of our dealers, however large or small.

Are there any minimum buying requirements?

Here at McCoy Motorsports, we understand what it's like to run a business. Sometimes you may need to order 20 products at a time, while other times you might need just one. That's why there are no minimums ever to buy. All of our dealer discounts are open to our members whether ordering 12 items or 1200. We are here to serve you, whatever your needs may be.

Are there any minimum quotas or monthly commitments on product orders?

Once again, you will never have to meet any minimum quotas or monthly commitments to become a dealer or place dealer orders with McCoy Motorsports. Get the products you need, when you need them, it's that simple.

Is drop-shipping available?

Yes! McCoy Motorsports can drop-ship our products directly from our warehouse to your customers. There is a $5.00 shipment fee for drop shipment; however, dealers who have spent over $5K a year with McCoy Motorsports will receive drop shipment to their customers at no extra charge.

How do I place dealer orders, and will they arrive on time?

Dealer orders are accepted 24 hours a day via the website, as well as by phone, fax, and email during normal business hours. We accept all major credit cards, pay-pal, as well as wire transfers for your convenience. In addition, nearly all of our products are kept in stock at our warehouse. On the occasion a product is not in stock, it should already be on order, and will arrive back at our shop within 2-5 business days to be shipped directly to you as quickly as possible.

Are there any other dealer incentives?

Dealers receive discounts according to how much they have spent with us since joining our dealer network. These discount levels are easy to calculate using our A, B, and C dealer discount system (explained in further details upon signing up with us). In addition, there are no taxes on dealer sales, and no dealer buy-ins for the initial order. We also offer many promotional items via the McCoy Dealer E-Newsletter, on the website, as well as over the phone. Just ask your dealer sales rep for the specials of the month!
Note: Dealer Pricing cannot be offered on any of the following brands: Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, Slippery, THOR, THORMX, Moose, Moose Racing, Moose Utility Division, Moose ATV Hunting Products, Python, ICON, Trukke, Wingleader, Z1R, Arctiva, and AMS Tires.

Where do I sign up?

To become a dealer, please send the following information to our McCoy Motorsports Dealer Sales staff via email at or via fax to Attn: Dealers 606-437-0083

    1. Your Company Name

    2. Complete Shipping Address

    3. Phone Number

    4. Fax Number

    5. Email Address

    6. Copy of your business license and/or resale tax id number

Once we have received your information, we will setup your dealer account and contact you immediately with up to date dealer pricing and a password to enter our dealer site. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns, and as always, thank you for your business!

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