Custom LED Yam R6 Tail Light Plug-n-Play 17-19

Custom LED Yam R6 Tail Light Plug-n-Play 17-19

Custom LED Yam R6 Tail Light Plug-n-Play 17-19

Our Price: $129.99

Part NumberCLED17R6 Complete
Custom LED for 2017-2019 Yamaha R6 Tail Light Unit. This is an integrated LED R6 tail light COMPLETE PLUG N PLAY unit for the 17-19 Yamaha R6. Custom Led Yamaha R6 Tail Light Complete Integrated Plug-n-Play with Blaster-X Technology for 2017-2019 Sportbikes by ToBeFast. This Custom Led Yamaha Tail Light is an ultra-high intensity, high-performance, Microprocessor controlled Integrated LED Tail Light for the 2017-2018 YAMAHA R6 This product is finally here at ToBeFast and available as a complete plug and play unit with lens and OEM connectors.

This Custom Led Yamaha R6 tail light product features our proprietary and patented Blaster-X, Brake Alert and Strobe Mode! With this product, your turn signals are built right into the tail light! It's the best fender eliminator money can buy.

Custom LED is a pioneer in the art and science of LED tail light integration. Don't waste your money on cheap imitations and half hearted solutions. Do it right from the start with Custom LED. Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled at Custom LED right here in the USA. You will notice a significant difference in quality, performance, and features with Custom LED.


  • Custom Led Complete Plug and Play Integrated LED tail light with high quality clear lens - OEM fit
  • Features our Microprocessor based Blaster-X Technology with Brake Alert and Strobe Mode built in!
  • New Programming Interface allows users to easily customize features!
  • New Sure-Blink Technology with all Custom Led Yamaha R6 Complete Tail Lights
  • Plug and play connectivity with OEM connectors!
  • Recommended accessories: ELFR-1 Flasher Relay and Blaster-X Control Switch (Sold Seperately)
  • Ships same business day!
  • Made in the USA!
  • All Custom Led Complete Led Tail Lights come with a 2-year Warranty!

Custom Led Yamaha R6 LED Tail Light Extra Features:

This is an ultra-high intensity, high-performance Integrated LED Tail Light for the 2017-2018 Yamaha R6. This Custom LED product is a high quality complete plug and play unit with clear lens and OEM connectors. This product directly replaces the OEM tail light without any physical modification necessary. The lens quality is equivalent to the OEM unit it replaces.

The Custom LED 2017-2019 Yamaha R6 Integrated LED Tail Light now features the latest version of our proprietary and patented Blaster-X technology with Brake Alert and Strobe Mode! With this product, your turn signals are built right into the tail light! It's the best fender eliminator money can buy.

Brake Alert automatically provides a few quick ultra-bright strobe pulses of light the instant the brakes are applied. This alerts motorists the instant you apply the brakes - possibly saving seconds of reaction time for non alert motorists! The number of pulses can be user-configured VIA our new Programming Interface! It can also be disabled if desired.

Strobe Mode is a feature that puts the taillight into a devastating strobe cycle that is sure to get anyone's attention. This mode produces insanely bright pulses of light at ultra high frequencies, in alternating patterns across the tail light. Strobe mode is engaged by grounding a control wire, and can be engaged at any time.

Blaster-X is our proprietary pulse-width-modulation (PWM) technology that squeezes the maximum possible illumination power out of LEDs. The result is a significantly less expensive, yet even more outstanding and effective product than it's predecessors - and widens our advantage over our competitors.

NEW! This product also marks the introduction of our NEW Programming Interface which allows users to easily customize features of the tail light!

Custom Led Customizable Features menu allows users to:

  • Enable or Disable the Startup Sequence.
  • Set the number of pulses in the Brake Alert feature (can set to zero to disable Brake Alert).
  • Adjust the running light brightness within a preset range.
  • Adjust the brake light brightness within a preset range.
  • Engage Demo Mode, where the tail light cycles through all functions automatically and repeatedly!
  • Reset factory defaults.

Custom LED 2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Tail Light Complete Unit Information:

  • Plug-and-Play installation with OEM connectors (tail light AND turn signals).
  • OEM Fit with high quality clear lens (want smoked lens?).
  • 32 Ultra Bright Red LEDs for running and brake lights.
  • 32 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs for turn signals.
  • Stealth black boards for inconspicuous appearance.
  • Custom LED ColorChange Technology on-board.
  • Custom LED Blaster-X PWM technology on-board.
  • Custom LED Strobe Mode!
  • Custom LED Brake Alert!
  • Custom LED Programming Interface!
  • Custom LED Sure-Blink Technology!
  • Robust regulated design for consistent and reliable performance.
  • 4 MHz microprocessor controlled operation.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 2 Year warranty.
  • NOT DOT approved

This Custom Led programming interface is accessed very simply through the Strobe Mode control wire! The interface is designed to receive input simply by providing ground pulses to the strobe mode control wire. No special equipment is necessary to access and utilize the programming interface! Detailed programming instructions will ship with every unit.

NEW! And last but not least, our Sure-Blink Technology. Our Integrated Tail Lights are designed to follow the turn signal commands of the motorcycles flasher relay. This insures it is compatible with all after market and OEM flasher relays - especially programmable relays such as our ELFR-P. However, in the event that the tail light receives a command to turn that does not break (blink) within a preset time period, the tail light will automatically blink that side. This feature is most useful in preventing common no-blink problems that are associated with retrofitting motorcycles to LEDs. Also, in keeping with this effort, we have also built in our ever popular Stage I Load Equalizers into this tail light!

This high performance Integrated tail light utilizes 32 Ultra Bright Red LEDs and 32 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs - compared to only 21 red LEDs on the stock circuit board! These LEDs effectively handle the functions of: Running Light (red), Brake Light (red) and Turn Signals (amber) - all within the tail light housing!

Just as on the other Custom LED Integrated LED Tail Light models, the system is designed so that the red LEDs turn off (on the turn side) when the yellow LEDs come on, so that the turn indication is a pure and distinguishable yellow light. The unit automatically flashes between the red and yellow on the side you're turning! The Yellow LEDs are slightly offset as well, creating a dramatic attention grabbing effect.

The engineering is solid and dependable, the looks are unbeatable, and the brightness is incredible! Don't waste your time with half hearted solutions, do it the right way from the start, with Custom LED.

Custom LED Tailight Demonstration Video for 17-18 Yamaha R6

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