Custom LED Electronic Motorcycle Blinker Load Equalizer Stage 2

Custom LED Electronic Motorcycle Blinker Load Equalizer Stage 2

Custom LED Electronic Motorcycle Blinker Load Equalizer Stage 2

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Custom Led Electronic Motorcycle Blinker Load Equalizer. The Stage II Custom Led Load Equalizer is for you if the following is true: You changed your incandescent bulbs to LEDs and now: the blinkers work but blink faster than stock. The blinkers do not blink at all - either they turn on and stay on solid or they don't even come on at all. The left and right directional signals illuminate at the same time when activated and you want to return the blinking to normal (as it was before you removed the stock blinker bulbs).


The Stage II Load Equalizer is basically a 25 Watt power sink that will make the flasher relay think your stock bulbs are still there! The Stage II Load Equalizer is enclosed in a water tight housing that can be mounted anywhere on the bike. The Stage II Load Equalizer is also perfect for automobile applications!

The Custom Led Stage II Load Equalizer couldn't be easier to install! The device is small and connects to the blinker wires only. Your order will come with detailed instructions and simple tap connectors that do not require any cutting of the factory wiring!


(NOTE: The Custom LED Stage II Equalizer is not recommended for use with the Custom LED Integrated Tails. For Custom LED Integrated Tails you need to use the Custom LED Universal LED Flasher Relay Instead. For motorcycles with non-replaceable flasher relays, the Stage II Load Equalizer is your ONLY option to slow down the blink rate).

In general, you will need one Stage II Load Equalizer for each stock blinker bulb you removed or replaced with LEDs or smaller incandescent bulbs. You will need one Load Equalizer for each side, therefore orders are automatically placed in pairs.

Custom LED load equalizers. Click on picture for more details. Great when used with the CBR 954rr and CBR 600rr Custom LED kits.
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