Custom Hayabusa, McCoy Twin Turbo Phoenix

Custom Hayabusa, McCoy Twin Turbo Phoenix

McCoy's 2006 Custom Hayabusa : Metric TV Sportbike Build Off Bike! METRIC TV "METRIC REVOLUTION ESPN 2"

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Special Thanks to our Turbo Hayabusa Phoenix Project Sponsors.

Suzuki Hayabusa Parts Build List.

    3D Billet
  • "SUPERMAN" Front Reservoir Covers

    Action Powdercoat: Farmingdale, New York 631-845-4949
  • Wheels - Translucent Red Powder coated center strips
  • 3Front Brake Calipers - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Rear Brake Caliper - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Swing arm - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Sprocket - Polished
  • Ducati Flower Drive Cover - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Sub frame pan - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Sub frame Under tray - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Rearsets - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Nitrous Bottles (2) - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Nitrous Bottle brackets (2) - Polished
  • Frame Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Clutch Cover - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Clutch Cover bolts - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Starter Motor Cover - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Engine Block - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Turbos - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Forks - Polished
  • Triple Trees - Polished
  • Clip-ons - Polished
  • Levers (Brake and clutch) - Polished
  • Twin outlet Turbo Airbox - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • ANT Video Screen Monitors - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • AIM Dashboard - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Side Panel Covers -Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Gas Cap - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Pingel Shifter Brackets (2) - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Clutch Adjustment Cover - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Shift Rod - Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Oil Pan - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Wave Rotor Carriers (2) - Polished & Translucent Red Powder coated
  • Wave Rotor buttons Translucent Red Powder coated

  • MXL PISTA Data logging digital dash board (Translucent Red Powder Coated)

  • Tuning / Wiring / Dyno /

    ANT Racing
  • Dual (2) Rear View Cameras
  • Dual Cyclops Monitor Displays (Translucent Red Powder coated)

    AVON - Show Sponsor
  • Venom-R Rear Tire 250/40R18
  • AV59 Front Tire 120/70 ZR17

    Catalyst Composites
  • Custom Fabricated Tail Section (hand built utilizing R1 upper slope / MilleR rear upper / CBR 1000rr Seat vents)
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Gas Tank
  • Front Section (Custom Fabricated R1 Head light cut outs and Aprilia ram air vent)
  • Billet Machined Gas cap

  • Radiator Grill

    Cyko Racing
  • Custom ONE OFF 3D Billet Wheels (Chrome & Translucent Red Powder Coated)
  • Cyko Rear bolt cover dish cone

  • BPD II ECU Stand alone Engine Management System

  • Chrome Swingarm

    Dixon Customs
  • Custom Upholstery and shaved seat covered in Ostrich skin

  • Front Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Red)
  • Rear Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line (Red)
  • Clutch Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line (Red)
  • Race Modified Lines with inline mounted Line Coolers on all Braided Lines
  • World Super bike Front Brake Rotors (Show Polished with Translucent Red carrier inners and carrier button mounts)
  • Race Wave Rotor Brake Disk

    Gator Customs
  • Complete Painting, Bodywork Customizing and Gator Glass
  • Painted Handle Bar Control covers
  • Gator Glass Tail Section (transparent red and clear panels)
  • Gator Glass Rear Tail light system
  • Gator Glass Rear Turn Signals
  • Gator Glass Tank Striping and Custom upper tank flanges
  • One OFF custom side panels.
  • Hand inlayed and flanged turbo side air vents
  • Gator Glass Front Turn Signal System
  • Gator Glass Clear Side Panel openings (exposes engine)
  • Mesh Aluminum Covers Tail section vents (2)
  • Mesh Aluminum Covers Side Panel turbo vents (2)
  • Mesh Aluminum Cover Front Ram Air Vent
  • Gator Glass front "Twin Turbo Nitrous"
  • Combined Windscreen into front Upper bodywork
  • Combined Headlight/covers into front Upper bodywork
  • Gator Glass Front Upper bodywork (5 distinct "ghost" lighted areas)
  • Combined R1 and Hayabusa Front Fender (SLIM low profile)
  • Painted Rear Headlight and assembly covers
  • Custom inlayed polished side panel covers (around exhaust pipes)

    Greggs Customs
  • Single Sided Swing Arm - Hand built single sided arm with trellis style hand fabricated rails (Chromed and Translucent Red Powder coated).
  • Compressed air tank system built swing arm.
  • Custom Frame - Hand built frame. Factory frame spars were separated and hand built trellis frame spars were built and incorporated into the frame with machined junction points (Chrome and Translucent Powder Coated).
  • Balled Milled Rear Frame Spars
  • Custom Ducati Rear Hub drive assembly
  • Custom Mounted Brembo rear brake setup

    K & N
  • Air Filters (Twin w/ Chromed cap covers)

  • Low Profile Oil Pan (Polished & Translucent Red Powder Coated)

    McCoy Motorsports
  • Custom ONE OFF Adjustable Sub frame (Chrome)
  • Custom "THUMB HAMMER" Throttle side nitrous purge/activation switch
  • Clutch Oiling System with Stealth Mounted Oil Cooler
  • Air Kickstand -Custom switch activated Kickstand
  • Custom Designed Paint Scheme
  • Custom One off seat pan
  • Custom Radiator System
  • Custom Radiator Overflow Catch Tank (Chrome)
  • Custom Camera Frame Rail Mounts
  • Fairing Side cover panels (Translucent Red Powder Coated)
  • Stainless Braided Air line hoses

  • Air and Pressure Data sensors

  • Air cylinder - Integrated into air kickstand

  • Hayabusa "DRAG LINK" Lowering Link System

    Nitrous Express
  • Sport bike "WET" Nitrous System with Carbon Fiber Solenoids
  • Purge System with Carbon Fiber Solenoids
  • Dual (2) 1 lb. Nitrous bottles (Translucent Red Powder Coated)
  • Dual (2) Billet Bottle Brackets
  • Custom Fabricated Nitrous Bottle Fill up junction point

    NO Magic Neon
  • Hyperstrip LED System
  • CL Pods
  • Extreme Step Light Bars
  • Micro Magic LED (Gator Glass)
  • Wireless Perimeter Remote

    Performance Cafe
  • Complete Engine Build

    Performance Coatings
  • Turbo Exhaust Pipe HIGH Temperature Coating

  • Electronic Shift System
  • Digital Ignition Kill (UP / DOWN) box
  • Shift arm mount system
  • Chrome Dual (UP / DOWN) handle bar shift switch

    PIRELLI - McCoy's ROLES Pirelli on all of our PERSONAL BIKES!
  • Diablo Rear 240/40ZR-18
  • Diablo Front

    Sport Chrome
  • Magnesium Chrome Valve Cover
  • Chrome Frame (4 piece)
  • Chrome Sub frame
  • Chrome Starter Cover

  • Video Screen Display Mounts (Chrome)

    Trac Dynamics
  • Race Valve and Lowered Front Fork System (Show Polished)

    Tricky Air
  • Hayabusa Rear Air suspension system
  • Solenoid Air Compressor pump Setup

  • Nickel Plated 152 Link Roller Chain

    Velocity Racing
  • Custom Hayabusa Twin Turbo System
  • Twin Outlet Turbo Airbox (Translucent Red Powder Coated)
  • Clutch Cover and Clutch System (Polished and Translucent Red Powder Coated cover with custom red bolts)
  • Modified Garret GT Turbos (Translucent Red Powder Coated & Polished) 250 HP each (2)
  • Dynamic (Raked Front End) (Polished)
  • Custom Twin Outlet Exhaust Pipes (Jet hot coated)

    Vortex Racing
  • Hayabusa Rearsets (Chromed and Translucent Red Powder Coated)
  • Shift Rod (Translucent Red Powder Coated)

  • Fuel Pump 340

  • Billet Machined Handle bar Grips (Anodized Red)
  • Billet Machined Bar Ends (Anodized Red)

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