Celebrity Bike Builds

Guess who? - Anonymous NBA Superstar Suzuki GSXR 1000 by: McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Back for more! - Anonymous NBA Superstar Ducati Custom Bike Build by: McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Domenik Hixon #87 New York Giants - Two Time Super Bowl Champion - Domenik played college football for the Akron Zips and was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 4th Round of the 2006 NFL Draft - Domenik also played for the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears - Check out his white Campagna TREX purchased from McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Nicki Minaj suprised Lil Wayne with this red Campagna T-Rex - Happy Birthday Weezy! | McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Maurice Morris #28 Running Back - Detroit Lions - Maurice played his college football for the Oregon Ducks and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2nd Round of the 2002 NFL Draft - Check out "Mo"s RED Venom Exotic trike from McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Gino Gargiulo known to the internet world as "Lamborghini Boat Guy" - Collector of exotic cars - builder of the Lamborghini Boat! Gino purchased the Metric Revolution Biker Build Off winning bike The Twin Turbo Phoenix Suzuki Haybusa from McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Brothers Ben and Eric Bostrom "The Boz Brothers" - Professional Motorcycle Racers Custom Yamaha R1 Bike Build McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

Starboyz USA - is the original street stunt crew; best known for their insane highway stunts, FTP films, rebellious attitudes and as fathers of the modern day stunt riding scene, Kevin & Scott are still riding and insane as ever! Check out the Custom Suzuki's we did for the StarBoyz! McCoy Motorsports | TOBEFAST.com

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