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Icon Tarmac Ventilated Motorcycle Riding Boot

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boot from the TOBEFAST online motorcycle network. Sometimes a name says it all-‘Vcentilated Riding Shoe’. Built on an ultra comfortable athletic bottom unit, the Tarmac is up to the challenge of the mean summertime streets. Internally the Tarmac is heaven, built around a wicked outsole for a custioned ride but reinforced with an Axialmetric steel shank. But externally is where the Tarmac really shines. The chassis is built from a street-proof combination of action leather and ultra-durable vented Rocpro mesh. Heel, toe, and ankle plastic plates combine to serve and protect. The hidden constant tension lacing system provides killer fit while keeping the eyestay area snag free. If you’ve ever hooked your shoe laces in your shifter than you know all about the necessity of this feature. Finally, forefoot and ankle straps keep the whole shoe on lockdown should the unfortunate occur.

McCoy Motorsports releases a HUGE ICON Glove update

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

McCoy Motorsports just released a giant ICON glove update to the website. Check out all of the new listings for the TiMax TRX Long Gloves, TiMax TRX Short Gloves, ARC Gloves, ARC Suzuki Gloves, Merc Short Gloves, Accelerant Gloves, Tarmac 3 Gloves and the Hooligan 2 Gloves. BIG UPDATES for BIG PRODUCTS. ICON a motorcycle brand you can trust!