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Deals Gap R1 + R6 + McCoy Motorsports Convention Video

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Shane “SpidermanSS” McCoy , Eddie “Gaprider” Lord and Greg “RealMcCoy” McCoy riding Deals Gap Hwy 129 and Hwy 28 during the 2009 Yamaha + + McCoy Motorsports Deals Gap Convention. Footage from the GoPro Motorsports camera system available from

Shane McCoy Introduces the Chad “GaWarrior” Clifton Memorial GOES LIVE at Deals Gap Crossroads

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

I wanted to share a truly touching and incredible moment with everyone that could not make this year’s 2009 / / McCoy Motorsports Convention.

Our friends from Deals Gap ( ) Brad, Ben and Beth bestowed all of us and Chad an incredible honor by giving us the go ahead to build a memorial box in honor of one the greatest friends many of us have ever had!

(A quick side note I cannot say enough good things about Brad, Ben, Beth and the ENTIRE staff at the CROT! From the food to the accomodations they are truly one of the best places to hang out, stay at and ride with!)

SPECIAL SHOUT: goes out to our very own Kirk “KMAC” for building the box with his own hands and making it Chad! I’d like to also thank Fontana Village for attending the presentation. Craig your presence was appreciated.

During the presentation I became touched and had trouble with my entire speech and cut to the quick version so I could make it through it. Below in blue is the speech I did at the presentation and in red is the speech I spoke at Chad’s funeral.

We love and miss you Chad you will be honored in one of the greatest motorcycle spots in the world! Ride brother ride!

Video of the presentation  –

Full information on the event can be found here .


A few years ago a couple months before the convention me and Chad were talking about among other things being FAST and how good we looked… LOL. I mentioned to Chad that outkast wrote a song about me “Fresh and Clean” but they changed the words to “Fast and Clean.” I talked to Chad about daily and we played that song to each other, and everyone else along with saying SO FAST SO CLEAN about a hundreds times a day. It’s even my ring tone. I own and a small group of us use that as our personal emails.I know Chad is smack talking me all day because I’ve been a total emotional wreck or him. I miss him more then I can ever express!


Chad:You are gone but never forgotten! Our lives have all been touched by yours each day. To have known you was truly an honor, to call you a brother and to have shared in your life was a gift from GOD. I know you are in a better place right now and I’m going to miss you more then words can ever express.

We’ve had tears of joy and sadness too, but nothing can explain the bond that was YOU! You tought me how to be FAST and I tought you how to be CLEAN. Together we formed the ULTIMATE TEAM!

Ride on brotha like only YOU CAN! Look after us all from above. Your friend and brother forever! SO FAST SO CLEAN! I LOVE YOU!