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Greggs Customs Yamaha R1 Mirror Covers 04-06 from TOBEFAST

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

TOBEFAST releases a revised listing the Greggs Customs Yamaha R1 Mirror Covers for the 04-06 model years. These mirror block off kits give your Yamaha sport bike a clean look with function. Great when adding CRG bar end mirrors for your R1 also!

CRG Bar End Mirror Adapter Kit

Friday, June 12th, 2009
CRG Bar End Mirror Adapter Kit. These mounts work great for mounting CRG bar end mirrors, for bikes that have hollow bars such as clip-ons. This is the Billet Internal Adapter for the Hindsight, Hindsight LS and Blindsight Billet Bar End Mirrors. This assembly is offered as an alternative to the basic Bar End Mirror mount. This assembly will work on bars with internal diameters as small as 12mm (.475) and as large as 19mm (.750). This range covers virtually all aluminum and steel bars/clip-ons. Performance motorcycle accessories from the top provider McCoy Motorsports.