EvoTech Yamaha R6 Fender Eliminator Tag Kit for the 06-10 model years

EvoTech Yamaha R6 Fender Eliminator Tag Kit for the 06-10 model years. The brand new EvoTech adjustable fender tag kits from McCoy Motorsports set a new standard in design and function! Combining billet machined craftmanship with injection molded plastic technology these kits are packed with features!


  • A gorgeous, billet machined aluminum license plate support for your plate
  • EvoTech EXCLUSIVE polymer support bracket that is not only incredibly strong, but completely eliminates vibration!
  • A billet aluminum, highly machined mount not only for lightness and strength (the ENTIRE kit is barely over 1/2 of a pound!)
  • Utilizes large radius bends (not ugly welds!) so no risk of failure
  • Exclusive mount, you can adjust and mount your plate at virtually any angle you wish, so you are not locked into somebody else’s pre-designed look. Your bike, you choose!
  • Removable turn signal mounts are INCLUDED in the kits, so you can choose to use them or not use them. No extra cost; your decision!
  • This is “art” to look at when compared with everything else available in the market
  • Something you are proud to have on your bike!

Without a doubt these street bike eliminator kits are going to be the new standard of design, quality and engineering for years to come. Quality Evotech motorcycle products from McCoy Motorsports.

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