ProCharger Ford Carbureted + Aftermarket EFI Small Block Supercharger Cog Race Kits

ProCharger Ford Carbureted + Aftermarket EFI Small Block Supercharger Cog Race Kits. Spec: for Small block applications (85-93 Mustang etc). You spoke and we listened! ATI is proud to be the first and only manufacturer to offer a self contained, gear driven centrifugal blower. Offering the industry’s best, strongest and most powerful centrifugal blowers (our oil fed D-series) wasn’t enough–we went back to the drawing board to raise the bar even higher! This effort produced a completely new breed of centrifugal supercharger. The compact C-2, the stealthy P-1SC and D-1SC, the industry-standard F-1 and F-2 and the record crushing F-3 superchargers. Freeing the supercharger of the engine’s oil supply provided ATI’s engineers more latitude in design, allowing them to build a supercharger without compromise. By utilizing a proprietary synthetic lubricant (free of contaminants), higher bearing speeds, decreased bearing temperatures and increased bearing life are realized. This oil system independence means you are no longer required to punch a hole in your oil pan to enjoy the benefits of centrifugal supercharging. Custom applications benefit too, as a self-contained blower need not be positioned to accommodate an oil drain. These new blowers utilize higher internal step up ratios, which allow the use of larger pulleys that provide more belt contact and increased drive belt longevity. You can use a serpentine belt to make power in excess of 1000 hp, a level once only available to cog belt users. Brought to you from your automotive performance supercenter McCoy Motorsports.

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