Icon Alliance SSR Represent Motorcycle Helmet Now Available

Icon Alliance SSR Represent Motorcycle Helmet is now available at McCoy Motorsports. The Alliance SSR Represent is a serious bit of kit. Firstly, it features a snarling, possessed, crop-eared mauler of a canine. Not many people are stepping up to the dog plate given the current social climate. But if Icon is gonna come, then we’re gonna come correct. If the graphics weren’t enough, the Represent comes with ten adhesive backed metal spikes with which to adorn the supervents. On the chain or off, a spiked up collar goes a long way projecting that certain image. Finally, and perhaps our greatest genius, is the choice of seven unique chinbar graphics (NorCal, SoCal, Detroit, Philly, New York, Dirty South, or Icon) to rep your favorite hood. Truly a lid that’s down for the set.

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