Woodcraft Honda CBR600RR Rearset Kit for 07-08 models

Woodcraft Honda CBR600RR Rearset Kit for 07-08 models. These 2 position adjustable rearsets are made from aircraft quality billet Aluminum and feature a custom shift pedal that allows for either standard or GP shifting. They move the footpegs 3/4″ back and offer either 1/2″up or 1″ up peg positions. The CFM pedal allows riders to not only eliminate the heavy kickstand mount bracket for racing, but also to utilize a shifter that moves in the same arc as your foot, making shifting much more comfortable. These kits have been race proven and held up beautifully when a couple of our “test” riders put them to the test on the tarmac. Brought to you from McCoy Motorsports the motorcycle performance accessory leader.

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