PitBull Tires Growler II XOR ATV/UTV Tubeless Radial

PitBull Tires Growler II XOR ATV/UTV Tubeless Radial

PitBull Tires Growler II XOR ATV/UTV Tubeless Radial

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Part NumberPBG 1071 27.5x9R12
PITBULL TIRES GROWLER II XOR ATV/UTV TUBELESS RADIAL- PitBull is probably the toughest, most versatile Multi Conditions ATV/UTV Radial tire on the market. Move over Rover, Pit Bull's Growler II is taking over!! Rugged, aggressive and designed to handle serious UTV applications...or, if you like, you can put this tire on your ATV, Side by Sides and utility ATVs for increased function and fun! Either way, you win with the PitBull Tires Growler II XOR.

PitBull Tires Growler II XOR Uber Tire is one versatile radial tire! Look...we've been making serious LT off-road tires for many years and our LT tires have proven themselves on some of the most powerful rigs and in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth. We reconfigured and adapted our patented off-road proven LT designs for ATV/UTV use; adapting our designs for ATV/UTV use to maximize traction, durability, longevity and comfort...for many hours of ATV/UTV hassle-free use in all conditions.

Features on Pitbull Tires Growler II XOR for your UTV or ATV:

  • 5 Circumferential groove channels if you?re going in the muck you don?t want it to stick to the tires!!!
  • Patented non-directional tread design that is based off the line of extreme LT tires by Pit Bull.
  • Multi-varied Patented tread blocks - create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, cleanout and stability.
  • 8 ply-rating can take just about anything your UTV or ATV can throw at it.
  • Rounded edge tread blocks to help reduce tire wear and noise.
  • ExD Rim Guards (Extra Deep) feature offers the ultimate wheel-lip protection for those expensive wheels.
  • Tear It Up rubber compound- Proven on Pitbull LT tires to take the abuse and give great performance in the most Extreme Conditions.
  • Stepped lugs - aid in lateral traction and stability.
  • Stone kickers - help wiggle out foreign material buildup
  • Sidewall Guard, an extra lip near the edge of the tread that protects the tire sidewall.
  • High Void Treads - for easy cleanout and increased traction.
  • Gradual sloping divots on tread lugs - increase biting edges and reduce tire weight without sacrificing traction.
  • Proudly made in the USA!

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