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Performance Machine
Performance Machine Wheels Performance Machine Wheels~ Quality Beyond the Surface

Performance Machine Wheels has been the leading aftermarket manufacturer of sportbike wheels and street bike brakes since 1970. At Peformance Machine, High quality, innovative, functional products are our passion, our core and this philosophy has not changed in 39 years. PM’s wheels quality philosophy extends beyond the shiny surfaces of our product into the veins of every process and procedure within our organization. At Performance Machine Wheels for sportbikes our products are recognized worldwide, yet we can proudly say that PM is American Made. You can be assured that when you choose a PM product your are purchasing the brand that set the standards in the industry, the original.

Performance Machine Wheels continuously strives to create cutting edge, quality products for the sportbike market. Whether you crave aggressive aesthetics or superior function, PM Wheels delivers products that are tested and proven, both on and off the race track.

It is your passion for two wheels that motivates PM Sportbike Wheels to push the limits of the products we create for your motorcycle

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