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Hotbodies Racing FAQ's

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Q: What is the best way to make sure my Hotbodies Windscreen fits perfectly?
A:Hotbodies Windscreen, The best way to fit the screen is to start by loosely adding the fasteners from the bottom of the screen and working your way up to the top. Once you have all the fasteners in place, tighten from the bottom up, you're done!

Q: Can you use your stock mounting hardware with a Hotbodies Racing windscreen?
A:Hotbodies Racing Windscreen Yes, in fact, a stock screen fastener is the best option for the tightest fit.

Q: How dark is the a dark smoke tint on the Hotbodies Racing windscreens?
A:Hotbodies Racing Windscreen, The screen is about 80% opacity of solid black. It is dark enough to hide your speedo wires and Tach, but light enough to see through while riding during the day.

Q: Do Hotbodies Racing undertail kits come with license plate mounting hardware? Where do the license plate brackets mount?
A:Yes, all of our Hotbodies Racing Undertail Kits include license plate bracket mounting brackets and hardware. However, we do NOT drill the holes in the undertails. We leave it up to the customer to decide where they would like to drill two small holes and mount their tag on the Hotbodies Undertails. This gives the customer the option to use another style mount or no plate at all for certain customers with show/race bikes when they use the Hotbodies Undertails.

Q: How loud are the Hotbodies Racing megaphone exhausts?
A: These Hotbodies Racing megaphone exhausts are on the louder side of a slip-on exhaust. The small muffler design brings a louder, deep race bike sounding tone.

Q: Do I have to remove my stock catalytic converter when I install the Hotbodies megaphone?
A: On some models of the Hotbodies Megaphones this is required and some it is not. Models of Hotbodies Exhaust that require removal of stock catalytic converter are: 06-07' GSX-R 600/750, 05-06' GSX-R 1000. Models that do not require removal of catalytic converter are: 08-09' GSX-R 600/750, 07-08' GSX-R 1000, 06-09' YZF-R6, and 08-09' ZX-10R.

Q: Do I need a power commander after installing a Hotbodies megaphone?
A: On the Hotbodies Megaphone Exhaust it will help the performance on your bike, but it is not necessary. Contact Power Commander direct for more specific information about power commanders and fuel mapping, for the Hotbodies Exhaust Systems.