DynoJet Kawasaki ZX12r Ignition Module 04-05

DynoJet Kawasaki ZX12r Ignition Module 04-05

DynoJet Kawasaki ZX12r Ignition Module 04-05

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Dynojet ZX-12 04-05 Ignition Module. The Ignition Module is connected to the PCIII USB with it?s built in expansion port link and communicates via a CAN interface. As in the case of the Power Commander, the Ignition Module uses OEM style connectors to plug in-line of the stock ignition harness so no cutting or splicing is required. The Ignition Module uses direct coil driver technology and allows a high degree of timing adjustment. In the Power commander Control Center Software the user is able to advance or retard the ignition curve up to 10 degrees based on throttle position and RPM. It is also possible to alter the timing for each cylinder individually if necessary.
The Ignition Module comes standard with no adjustments made in the map for the timing table. Due to different states of tune, fuel quality, and engine modifications we found it is best to leave the ignition timing stock for safety reasons. To have your ignition curve fine tuned Dynojet recommends bringing your bike to one of our Authorized Power Commander Tuning Centers. These centers have the necessary dynamometer equipment to extract the most performance out of the Ignition Module.
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