Cycle Sounds Sportbike Sound System 2" Speakers

Cycle Sounds Sportbike Sound System 2" Speakers

Cycle Sounds Sportbike Sound System 2" Speakers

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Part NumberCS1102-0621-Black
CYCLE SOUNDS SPORTBIKE SOUND SYSTEM 2" SPEAKERS. Have you always wanted to jam on your sportbike? Be one of the first to have tunes on your sportbike that looks and sounds incredible with Cycle Sounds by Are you tired of trying to rig earphones up in your helmet? Our New Cycle Sounds System works on any sportbike application. Not to mention it's much safer. Our Cycle Sounds flex Disc mounts allow you to mount speakers in your inner windscreen for a stealth look (no need for cutting holes or big bulky mounts and clamps). Our Cycle Sounds system comes with 1 pr lightweight 2" bullet speakers, mini high powered amp with 3.5mm jack, mp3 mount, all wires and connectors to complete easy installation. Our Cycle Sounds audio system works great with any Mp3 player, I-Pod, GPS, I-Phone, radar detector etc ....Just wait till you hear what you've been missing. This is a recommended and backed ToBeFast special buy product.

Take advantage of our special introductory pricing for the initial release of our Cycle Sounds product! This new system rocks! Don't be fooled by cheap Imitations or Knock offs. All Sportbike Sounds systems are manufactured by Cycle Sounds...The original inventor of the Bullet Speaker system for the Power sport Industry (patented design)


ASTM TESTED! - All of our Premium Cycle Sounds Speaker Systems have undergone ASTM testing and Passed!

*All Cycle Sounds Street Bike Sounds products have passed ASTM Testing for 500 hrs of salt spray, UV Stability, Water and moisture resistance,Vibration and temperature testing from -30° F to 150° F. Our systems are made to hold up to the powersport environment!


  • Q. Where are the installation instructions?
  • A. The instructions are printed on the back of the color sleeve. You can also download in PDF format for easy reference.

  • Q. How big is the amp?
  • A. 100 Watts, 50 x 2.

  • Q. How many amps will the system pull on my battery?
  • A. Our sound systems pull between 2 and 3 amps.

  • Q. Is it waterproof?
  • A. The amp is waterproof; the speakers have undergone ASTM testing and passed.

  • Q. How do you power it up?
  • A. Use our T-tap adapters or find an accessory source of power.

  • Q. How do I hook it up for sound?
  • A. The amp has a head phone jack that plugs directly into your sound source.

  • Q. Do I need anything extra for adding satellite?
  • A. Not all satellite systems require the same additions, please contact us directly.


Standard Warranty

Street Bike Sounds Product Warranty offers you full protection for a period of twelve (12) months from the time of purchase. This warranty covers the cost of parts only for any needed repairs to or replacement of your unit for twelve months under normal usage (labor and shipping costs excluded). Any product modified from its original manufactured form or installed improperly shall not be covered under this warranty.

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